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Website: Email: Skype: ricardo_realtor
Facebook: ricardo.quinteroc Twitter: Ricardo_Broker LinkedIn: /in/ricardoquintero

Former negotiator, with twenty (20) years of international leadership experience. Creative, highly motivated, and
exceptional communicator with strong negotiation, and problem resolution. Highly effective at identifying
opportunities, developing focus, and providing tactical business solution. Multifaceted with a mixed of
knowledge in leadership, management, marketing, sales and operations. Bilingual (Spanish).

I’m a driven real estate broker with many years’ experience in the commercial real estate industry and a
background in sales and marketing. I thrive in a results-driven environment and have a strong track record in
delivering high quality customer service.

• I thrive on change, and know how to capitalize on it. It is important that I have enough change and variety.
• I will automatically see the big picture first before seeing the details. I can be a big help with strategic planning, and
identifying possibilities.
• I have a creative imagination and am gifted at using words (verbally and/or in writing) to express new ideas, concepts or
plots. I can be called on when a fresh, new way to communicate important information is needed.
• I naturally see the links, relationships and patterns between different ideas. I see the “big picture.

Kommersial Brokerage
20012 -Current
Ppal Broker (Owner) – Real Estate Instructor
 Real Estate Commercial and Business Broker
2007 -Current
Ppal Broker (Owner) – Real Estate Instructor
 Real Estate Residential & Commercial Broker – Georgia Real Estate School
Makro Investment, Inc (Eng)
2003 -Current
Ppal Broker (Owner) – Florida Real Estate Instructor
 Real Estate Residential Commercial & Business Broker – Florida Real Estate School

2003 Real Estate License Broker, Real Estate Instructor in Georgia & Florida USA
2001 Advanced Negotiation. ITM, Mexico. 1995 Executive Presentation Skills ®, Socratic Selling Skills ®, Communispond™photo88888

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